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Latest Fantasy Book by JD Stanley

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The Seer

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Historical sword fantasy, The Seer by JD Stanley

Release Date: Jan 27, 2017
New Cover Release: July 2018
Genre: historical fantasy, epic fantasy, historical fantasy romance

In the spirit of Arthurian legend, it’s been thirteen long years since an internal threat instigated a desperate, magical plan with King Manfred’s most trusted friend and Druid advisor, Bronan, when their kindly sovereign’s apparent death left the people of Edenshire vulnerable and an orphaned Princess Brigit as the Druid’s ward. Bronan keeps deliberate distance as Brigit chafes at lessons in ladyship and longs to pick up the sword put into her hand in secret by her uncle in heart, Sir William, Captain of the king’s guard. Brigit is coming of age and must keep focus on defending herself.

Against Manfred’s younger brother, King Barry.

Brigit may never sit on the throne despite protection by the seer and knights of the old honour guard. They would all die for her. And will if Barry has his way. A despot reputed for his appetites with his secret gaol the venue for his unholy feasts, over a decade of Barry’s slaughter makes enemies of Manfred’s allies while the people perish for blood sport.

Faltering in the face of evil while his heart betrays him, Bronan can’t see past the flames in the divining water of his gazing bowl predicting he’ll undo the same kingdom he’s sworn to protect. The weight of an old secret that broke his honour tells him why, but time is passing and Barry wants the seer dead. The Land cries for vengeance. 4th century Christendom sweeps earthy gods into myth around them while the poet-warriors of lore, the power of the Elementals and the Goddess all wait on Bronan to shake off the unconscious bounds he placed upon himself.

As Barry descends into bloody madness, can Bronan regain his honour in time to keep his promise to Manfred and save them?

The Seer

Buy your copy today!The Seer - available stores


Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

Historical sword fantasy, The Seer by JD Stanley

“I liked The Seer by JD Stanley. It was, in many ways, a typical sword and sorcery tale and I like those. But a few things made it a little different too. It was a little wittier than the usual tale in this genre. I felt the wit helped move the reading along and made it funny. I appreciated that. The Seer has a serious, complicated plot, but it is not mind-numbingly dramatic. JD Stanley handles telling the story by using a deft sense of balance. I like that. He tells a good story because he writes very well. The story appealed to me because I like action. I like adventure. I like stories set in feudal societies. They appeal to me for reasons I haven’t examined too closely. They appeal to a lot of people and, if you are one of those people, you will love The Seer.

In any story like this, two elements either make it good or bad. The first is character. I liked the characters in The Seer. Princess Briget, Bronan, even Barry, all were made more believable by JD Stanley’s expert way of using wit and irony to tell a story. It made all the characters more well-rounded, in my opinion. The second element that a writer needs to master to make a great story in this genre is plot. The Seer is plotted well. I don’t see how the story could have been moved along any better. I like magic and mayhem. I like characters who are complicated. That is why I loved The Seer.”

Crazy about Druids?
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Crane Bag
Staff or Rod
Druid Egg
Druid Cord

Awen, the modern Druid symbol, the 3 rays referring to inspiration and divine illumination for poets, writers, artists and creativity - representing male and female energy and the balance between, also the 3 domains of earth, sea and sky, and mind, body and spirit