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Latest Fantasy Book by JD Stanley

Sons of Enki

Blood Runner Series – Book 2

Sons of Enki – coming late 2024!

Release Date: late 2024
Genre: contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, mythology-based books, historical fantasy, paranormal

That’s right, Kurshram is back to face new challenges with his special brand of cranky heroism.

Sons of Enki cover revealWhat can you expect from Sons of Enki? In short, answers! Discover what’s behind many of Kurshram’s quirks. Learn about his life in ancient Sumer. And witness the pantheon’s dysfunctional family drama in its harsh reality beyond myth.

During the ten mortal years in his pseudo-father’s absence, Alan came into his own. Now returned, they’re bound in magical brotherhood under the great patron god of sorcerer-priests, Enki. What does that mean? They spend their time pitching magic against rubbish from history that just won’t go away. Would you really want that any other way?

The story moves from a present-day dystopian England to Canada to Iraq while Kurshram and Baby Bite grapple with how to save humanity. Again. Except everything is cranked up to eleven. Ninlil has vanished. Kurshram is under psychic attack. And the wind, driven by Kurshram’s wank of a brother-in-law, Enlil, the Lord Air, is tearing the world apart. Remember how Kurshram always thought he was short-sighted? Turns out, he may have been mistaken…

Blood Runner, Book 2 – Sons of Enki, will be released in late 2024. Check back for updates!



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