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Category: Editorial

Editorial and personal commentary by JD Stanley. No journalism in this category – just rants, raves, and me blathering-on. Okay, it’s mostly be blathering on, so if you’re into that, have at it.

Writer’s Life – Eyes don’t have it: Writing and low vision

Low vision is the frame of my reality.  I’ve been working around its encroaching borders for long enough that I now often forget it’s a “thing”.  Since I can’t change it, it’s incorporated into my workflow and I rarely talk…

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To Toque or Not to Toque: It’s Winter, It’s Freezing, Deal With It

I came in from freezing my arse off outside at the beginning of winter quite a while back now and wrote out my frustration.  Y’know, the way writers handle all life’s little hurdles.  I was full on freelancing at the…

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