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Category: Writing, editing, style, grammar

40 years of experience in creative and commercial writing. Find posts on writing, editing, style, grammar and related topics of interest to writers.

World-Building Tropes – Avoid Fantasy Writing Clichés 2

World-Building Tropes in Fantasy Writing Now let’s focus on ways to not regurgitate clichéd version of fantasy world-building tropes to make your story unique. Typical advice around fantasy tropes is to avoid them. However, knowing that all those tropes…

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Dialogue Tags: What are they and how to use them to your advantage

What’s a Dialogue Tag? Dialogue tags are narrator interjections, sometimes referred to as attribution, that note who speak the pieces of dialogue in your story. Historically, we were taught that adverbs included in the tags, describing how dialogue is…

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Writing process – I finally figured out why people want to know about it

Upping my game this past year or so involved creating associations I never braved before. And most of them had some sort of “interview” component that included wanting to know about my writing process. Y’know, so people can get…

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