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Tag: writing tips

Dialogue Tags: What are they and how to use them to your advantage

What’s a Dialogue Tag? Dialogue tags are narrator interjections, sometimes referred to as attribution, that note who speak the pieces of dialogue in your story. Historically, we were taught that adverbs included in the tags, describing how dialogue is delivered,…

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Your fight scenes suck – what can you do when you’re not a fighter?

Fight scenes are some of my favourite things to work on. Growing up in a home with what some may consider fairly archaic values, while librarian’s helper on the one hand, I also had two younger sisters to defend. I…

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Fix bad spelling with proper word pronunciation – 15 words to watch

Wrong pronunciation can lead to incorrect spelling The way words are pronounced doesn’t always correlate to the way they’re written. What I mean by that is, just because you hear a word pronounced one way, doesn’t mean you should spell…

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