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Fix bad spelling with proper word pronunciation – 15 words to watch

Wrong pronunciation can lead to incorrect spelling

The way words are pronounced doesn’t always correlate to the way they’re written. What I mean by that is, just because you hear a word pronounced one way, doesn’t mean you should spell it the way you hear it. That’s called phonetic spelling.

In the English language where the main rule is words break rules, this isn’t going to help you with your editing later. It also won’t help you make a good impression with your editor if you can’t spell.

Since incorrect pronunciation leads to incorrect spelling, it’s important to get these words right when you speak. It will save you time editing your spelling. If you’ve had difficulty spelling these words in the past and have been guilty of pronouncing these words incorrectly yourself, this list may help you out.

From another of my “lists”, 15 words often pronounced incorrectly:

Expecially – is spelled: especially. You should pronounce it: e-spe-shu-lee

Parlament – is spelled: parliament. This one is pronounced: par-ly-e-ment

Masonary – is spelled: masonry. Spoken correctly, it’s: mey-sun-ree

Expresso – is spelled: espresso. You should pronounce it: e-spre-sow

Sangwich – is spelled: sandwich. (Named after the Earl of Sandwich who ate them). It’s pronounced: san(d)-wich

Interpretate – is spelled: interpret. It’s pronounced: in-tur-prit

Perscription – is spelled prescription. Said the correct way, it’s: pri-skrip-shun

Libary – is spelled: library. It’s pronounced: li-bu-ree

Artic – is spelled: arctic (there’s another “c” in there). It’s pronounced: ark-tik

Miniture – is spelled: miniature. It’s pronounced: mi-ni-a-chur (there’s another syllable in there)

Cannidate – is spelled: candidate. And this one should be spoken outloud as: kan-di-deyt

Aks – is spelled: ask. It’s pronounced: ask (just like it’s spelled)

Febyuary – is spelled: February. It’s pronounced: fe-broo-e-ree

Fedral – is spelled: federal. It’s pronounced: fe-du-rul

And one of my all-time personal pet peeves left over from many years of working retail department stores:

Jewlery – is spelled: jewelry or jewellery (depending on where you live). It’s pronounced: joo(u)-l-ree



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